Salon 2016_REWIRING

 The 20th Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad is striving to provide a space for free and open-minded discussions on the position of architecture in the regional context, through a selection of exhibitions, lectures and open talks. In addition, the Salon will gather professionals from different fields of architecture in order to overcome the imaginary barriers that we have between ourselves. Therefore, we wish to fully “open” the Salon to the surrounding region, so we can have a look over at the things that connect us, and realize what are the “battles” we must pursue together as a profession.

 We wish to look at architecture in a broad perspective of its actions, from social and spatial activism, building processes, theoretical research to design of digital spaces. By aligning these fields side by side, we wish to point to their common significance in architecture as a complex discipline it is today.

 Finally, we wish to, looking beyond regional and disciplinary divisions, recognize new fields of action between ourselves, meet, connect and work together on the spaces we live in.

Event and awards report 2016