22nd Salon of Architecture Novi Sad: Call for Submissions

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***Update 29/08/2020: Deadline extended, Salon goes digital***
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Call for Submissions

DaNS – Association of Novi Sad Architects is inviting all interested parties to submit their work for the exhibition at the 22nd Salon of Architecture Novi Sad, which will take place from October 10th until October 17th 2020.

In 2020, the Association of Novi Sad architects celebrates a significant jubilee – 60 years of existence. Since its founding, during all of these six decades, the Association of Novi Sad architects has represented the reflection of the state and social position of architecture as a discipline, sharing all of its ups and downs. In that sense, the Association is one of the rare institutions which act as bearers of the continuity of professional architecture practice. This includes the accumulation of all experiences and knowledge which have circulated during this period.

Nevertheless, the primary idea of the Salon is not to evoke memories, but to form an integrity which will aid the active role which the Association of Novi Sad architects has in the contemporary social context. The Salon of Architecture, as a format, has precisely this role – to be a platform for promoting positive processes in our field, with its authority acquired through the decades of its existence.

The concrete aim of this years’ exhibition is to indicate the strength of individual architectural works, in the broadest sense, as well as the positive development of urban spaces. Such works are inseparably connected to the physical and every other context in which they are located, therefore they do not act merely as a mirror of that same context but they have the power to generate new values in space. Regarding the fact that 2020 is the year in which Novi Sad will be getting its new General urban plan which is intended for the next 10 years, the focus of the exhibition will be on the architecture which, through its existence, changes space broader than its physical boundaries.



The Salon of Architecture Novi Sad is international. Since the goal of the Novi Sad Salon is to position itself as a meeting place of the regional architecture production, all work realized or designed in the territory of former Yugoslav republics, as well as Hungary and Romania, qualify for the Grand Prix of the Salon.

Due to the lack of evaluation and promotion of good architecture in Vojvodina, a special honorable acknowledgement will be awarded to a project realized in this territory.

Participants are asked to submit their proposals in the following categories:

  1. Architecture
  2. Urban Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Competition Entries
  5. Student Works
  6. Publications
  7. Digital Space
  8. Experiment in Architecture
  9. Unrealised Projects


In the „Digital Space” category we welcome entries from CGI design (architectural visualizations, animations and game design), parametric design, digital fabrication, generative and interactive design, etc.

For the „Architecture”, „Urban Design” and „Interior Design” categories, submitted works must be realised.

The „Unrealised Projects” category is open to conceptual and unbuilt projects.

One application can contain only one proposal, submitted in only one category.

Proposals, either projects or realizations, must be no more than 3 years old.

Application forms can be submitted in Serbian or English.

All of the details are available here in Serbian and in English:

SALON 2020_Raspis_ENG

SALON 2020_Raspis_SRB

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