The Opening of the 22nd Salon of Architecture Novi Sad

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This year – 2020 is unique by many things. For us, at the Association of Novi Sad Architects especially so, because it is the year that marks 60 years of the Association, and because, for the first time, the Salon of Architecture Novi Sad is being held in a completely new, digital form. In light of the epidemiological situation, this year’s edition of the Salon of Architecture is being held online. This means that the selection of architectural projects from the region is being shown on a specially designed website: The opening of the Salon, via the launch of the site was held on October 15th 2020.

In this moment, filled with uncertainty, concern and numerous obstacles, we are using the advantages and the good sides of the digital space and social networks to gather once more, and to show the best architecture of our surroundings. Our goal this year is for architecture exhibited at the Salon to, now more than ever, serve as an inspiration to all of those who keep it in their hearts, and to use it to again turn the attention to all of those positive values that are at its core. In that sense, unlike the previous years, this time there is no basic theme, or slogan that characterises this year’s Salon.

For years, the Salon of Architecture Novi Sad has been conceived as a showcase of the best regional architecture, which encompasses the EX-YU nations together with Hungary and Romania, as our closest Vojvodina neighbors. This is exactly how you can describe this year’s jury that, next to some of the best architects from Novi Sad of the older and the middle generation: Leonid Nešić and Dragan Marinčić also includes some of the best architects in their surroundings: Maja Ivanič (Slovenia), Daniela Škarica (Croatia), Dario Kristić (Bosna and Herzegovina) and Srđan Tadić (Montenegro).

They have, from the 182 projects which passed the selection, chosen the best out of 9 categories:

  1. Architecture
  2. Urban Planning
  3. Interior Design
  4. Competition Entries
  5. Student Works
  6. Publications
  7. Digital Space
  8. Experiment in Architecture
  9. Unrealised Projects

Also, the jury has awarded the Salon Grand Prix and Special awards and recognitions for works from Vojvodina.

This year, we have received 236 submissions from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.

In the hope that the future Salons will once again also be places for the gathering and socialising of architects, we believe that the digital edition of the Salon will bring greater visibility of the exhibition and promotion of the selected projects.


Miljan Cvijetić
The President of DANS

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